Vpx Sports Nutrition Supplements Review

Owner and developer Jack Owac founded VPX sports nutrition supplements in 1993. When Jack started VPX the goal was simple; research and develop the highest level of sports nutrition products for serious athletes and hard-core bodybuilders. The first VPX supplement released was a muscle-building product called ATP-R. At the time the fitness world was first being introduced to creatine. VPX was ahead of their time with ATP-R was the first Insulinogenic mediated transport creatine product with a glucose disposal system. This innovative product was the first but not the last of exciting new product developments that VPX is now widely known for.

VPX supplements are used in just about every gym in North America. Most bodybuilders understand and appreciate a great fat burning product. VPX recognizes this and set the fat burning world by storm with the launch of its flagship product Redline. This breakthrough fat fighter will coax your body to burn fat through the “shivering response.” It is a physiological fact that when you shiver, your body releases a large amount of stored body fat.

Here are a few benefits of Redline:

Feeling of well being

Increase in energy levels

Weight loss

Great for pre workout

Loss of body fat

Redline is an extremely versatile product. It is available in a pill form, liquid, and in the new and easy RTD drink.

Redline features a proprietary blend:

Caffeine citrate

Caffeine anhydrous


Yerbe Mate

Green tea


Yohimbine HCL

Along with fat loss and energy supplements, VPX sports are also a giant in the category of muscle building. One of the top selling pre workout muscle building supplements is NO Shotgun. VPX NO Shotgun is the first product to combine proven muscle building compounds with cutting edge pharmaceutical technology to deliver mind-blowing results with enhanced recovery. What makes NO Shotgun different from other products in its class is the use of Ethly Ester compounds. These compounds allow the ingredients to enter the bloodstream 100% intact.

This is what you can expect from NO Shotgun:

Mental focus


Increase muscle mass

Fat loss

Redline and NO Shotgun are the two flagship products from VPX sports nutrition supplements. VPX also has also formulated low carb protein powders that will fit into any lifestyle along with high quality vitamins and muscle building supplements.