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Exercise and Fitness – What is Lifetime of Fitness?

Let us explore what is lifetime fitness from the point of exercise and fitness. Even though health and fitness sound synonymous it is relevant to mark the subtle nuances of difference between them. If you do not suffer from any sickness you may be considered healthy, but you may be way below your optimal fitness level. Interestingly, while health indicates the absence of diseases fitness denotes the presence of a positive quality of our body. It has been observed that stress and strain of your everyday existence may have a bearing on your health, but your fitness is always in your hands as long as you remain loyal to a set of good habits and a healthy lifestyle. Your fitness level is a measure of your body’s ability to perform all necessary daily activities effectively and efficiently. This is not to be confused with fitness for sport, which demands a much higher level of strength and stamina needed for a successful career as a sports person.

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Sports and Fitness

Good to know that sports and fitness have become a huge wake up call in recent times. It was ever present, but it is the awareness that has manifested itself in to a gigantic industry of sorts. The greater good of eating healthy and staying fit has become the hottest trend globally. To be a part of this movement, it is important to find a sport or activity that you enjoy. With a regular routine of sports incorporated in your daily life, you are bound to spring in to action like never before. Prepare your mind to look at yourself in a new light.

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London Olympics 2012 Legacy – Sport and Fitness for All?

More than a week has already passed since the end of the best Olympics in living memory (or at least since the last one!) and all thoughts are turning to the legacy of the London Games. Sports clubs are no doubt being overwhelmed with keen new recruits; the roads are full of runners and cyclists; kids are enthusiastically pretending to be the new Jess Ennis, Bradley Wiggins, Chris Hoy or Usain Bolt in the playgrounds.

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